Witnessing pain of the other: internalized other interviewing

Length: 2.5 hrs
Credits: 2.5

Presenter: Karl Tomm MD, FRCP

Dr. Karl Tomm introduces the participant to a ground breaking new method of therapeutic interviewing. His exciting new interviewing practice is designed to make space for the client to hear and witness the experience of the other by interviewing the other in that client. Hence husbands will be interviewed as their wife within them so that they may receive a full record of their experience. Numerous case examples are discussed including marital conflict and abuse.


  1. An explanation and discussion of internalized other therapeutic questioning.
  2. The relationship between the physical body and the psychosocial world.
  3. A clear discussion of case examples using the internalized other method.


Dr. Karl Tomm is perhaps Canada’s most well known international psychotherapist. Through his clinic at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Karl has been at the forefront of introducing and supporting many of the most influential therapeutic ideas into mainstream psychotherapy over the last three decades.

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