Of Walls and Wars: Therapeutic dialogues to bridge the distance on racism

Length: 2 hrs
Credits: 2
Ken Hardy PhD

This workshop initiates an incredibly powerful dialogue on racism and therapy. Ken Hardy teaches through discussion, personal experience, tape recordings and encourages the group of psychologists to confront the issue of
internalised racism in therapy.


  1. A close up analysis and discussion of the effects of race, class and gender in the therapeutic environment.
  2. A discussion of ways for psychologists to confront their own issues of racism in therapy.
  3. A discussion of the totalizing and devastating effects of not naming racism as it effects culture and is effected by culture.
  4. Ways to promote therapeutic conversations between segregated groups.

Ken Hardy PhD is the Director of the Center for Children and Families at Risk at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, and senior clinical supervisor in the MFT program at Syracuse University. His ongoing theoretical and practice work pushes the boundaries of the dominant world of psychology to consider race and internalized racism as a major influence within the therapeutic process. He is a former Professor at the University of Syracuse, and presently works for the prestigious Ackerman Institute in NYC.

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