C.C. Sabathia Not Guaranteed Spot After Rehab

C.C. Sabathia Not Guaranteed Spot After Rehab

Recently, C.C. Sabathia recently opened up about his struggle with alcoholism. 28 days after his stint at an undisclosed rehabilitation center, C.C. Sabathia emerged and discussed his battles with alcohol, and now has a new outlook on life.

All of his teammates and family are incredibly proud of Sabathia for his courage to change his habits, Sabathia is not guaranteed a spot in the Yankee rotation.

While the Yankees are obligated to pay Sabathia a minimum of $30-50 million over the final two seasons of his contract, the team is not obligated to reserve a spot in their 2016 rotation. On Monday, general manager Brian Cashman implied Sabathia will have to earn a starting spot in spring training.

Cashman repeatedly states that C.C.’s recent stay in an alcohol rehab center had nothing to do with his reservations to put Sabathia in the five spots on the Yankee’s rotation.

While appearing at a charity event in Manhattan, Sabathia said that despite his month in rehab, he has already started working out for next season.

Sabathia’s Addiction to Alcohol

Sabathia’s stay at rehab to avoid relapsing and finding treatment for his disease is an inspiration for honesty about addiction. C.C. has stated that he wants to be a role-model to his community, meaning that he wants to be on his best behavior.

Sabathia also mentioned that he did not drink before any of his games.

C.C. was not allowed to have a telephone during his stay in rehab. His wife Amber, said that she heard from all-star players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodrigues, Brian McCann and Andy Pettitte all in the same day.

Amber mentioned that their 12 year-old son was also aware of his father’s visit to rehab, and was very proud of his father for learning how to cope with the stresses of daily life without alcohol.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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