The Top Ten Strategies that Generate Referrals

Length: 2 Hours
Credits: 2.00

Presenter: Lynn Grodzki, LICSW

According to a recent national survey, twenty percent of all therapists in private practice are leaving the field each year, due in part to their inability to operate a practice profitably. At the heart of a successful psychotherapy private practice is the therapists ability to generate an abundance of quality referrals. This workshop offers an innovative model of the top business strategies that generate referrals for a therapy practice outside of managed care, drawing on independent research of the methods of successful therapists, tested business ideas that work well in today’s marketplace, and the presenter’s considerable experience coaching hundreds of therapists to build profitable practices.

Goals and Objectives:

Participants will learn to:

  1. Articulate your “basic message,” the essence of what you offer as a therapist
  2. Avoid promotion and selling yourself — the marketing that doesn’t work for therapists
  3. Adopt “relational” marketing that educates and engages new clients
  4. Apply dozens of specific referral strategies, including how to: offer a “living brochure”; ask the universe for referrals; design your ideal client profile; become a cross trainer; and many more

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