Anorexia/Bulimia Recruitment Tactics

Anorexia and bulimia seem to use our societies dominant ideas regarding how we sometimes get to feeling that we don’t quite measure up against us. No matter where goes around the world to interview people struggling with disordered eating the tactics of anorexia and bulimia appear to be the same!

Below are some questions that has devised to help unearth some of these deadly recruitment tactics.

anorexic/bulimic Recruitment Tactics

  • In what ways has anorexia/bulimia effected your relationship with yourself by telling your self that you are not worthy?
  • In what ways has anorexia/bulimia made you think that you are its special protege?
  • In what ways has anorexia/bulimia made you believe that you are only an anorexic/bulimic person?
  • In snatching your concentration away from you, does anorexia/bulimia push you further into its concentration camp?
  • I wonder how it was that anorexia/bulimia managed to wedge you away from your own thoughts and version of the world?
  • Do you believe that you are only just the person anorexia/bulimia tells you that you are ?
  • By what means did anorexia/bulimia entice you into isolation and despair – would a good friend do this to you?
  • How did anorexia/bulimia trick you into thinking that hospitals and death were a better alternative to life in the free world?
  • Do you think that the rule book of anorexia/bulimia self specialization specialises in torture and assassination?
  • How is it that anorexia/bulimia gets away with making people remember to forget their best qualities?
  • How is it that anorexia/bulimia tricks people with promises of safety while it silently takes them towards it’s ultimate aim – death

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