Some Initial Questions about anorexia/bulimia

Worried about anorexia/bulimia?

Anorexia/bulimia is a problem for many of us!

  • Read Jade’s story. Does it sound familiar to you?
  • Has anorexia/bulimia affected your life or someone you know and care for?
  • Has anorexia/bulimia separated you or someone you’ve known, from a richer more fulfilling life?

Fortunately, people have found new ways to think about anorexia/bulimia that are very helpful. Many women have found that asking questions about anorexia/bulimia, of themselves and others, is a good beginning to undermining this insidious problem.

Beginning Questions to Ask about anorexia/bulimia:

  • Has the problem of anorexia/bulimia in any way taken things from your life that you value?
  • In what ways has the problem of anorexia/bulimia affected your relationship with yourself, friends, family, and so on?
  • Who or what persuaded you into thinking that an anorexic/bulimic lifestyle is the best life possible?
  • Who or what do you think persuades other young women’s minds into this harsh way of living?
  • If you could wager a prediction, what kind of a future does this life with anorexia/bulimia hold for you?
  • What advice do you have for therapists and other professionals who find themselves at a loss on how to best help people go free of anorexia/bulimia?
  • Has your comeback to your own life been inspiring for other women?

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