Questions to Ask Yourself and Others about anorexia/bulimia

The following questions have been collected from a variety of actual therapy sessions.

Questions for People Who Are Struggling with anorexia/bulimia

  • What have you lost to anorexia/bulimia that most saddens you?
  • Do you believe you are just the person anorexia/bulimia tells you that you are?
  • Do you think it is fair that anorexic/bulimic lifestyles make people so lonely, friendless and isolated?
  • In what ways has anorexia/bulimia affected your relationship with yourself by telling yourself that you are not worthy?
  • Who in your life have you lost because anorexic/bulimic rules demand so much of your time? Do you think this is fair?
  • If anorexia/bulimia is your “friend” then why does it talk so badly about you?
  • Would a good friend do this to you?
  • How is it that anorexia/bulimia gets away with making people remember to forget their best qualities?
  • How is it that anorexia/bulimia tricks people with promises of safety while it silently takes them away from everyone who loves and supports them?

Questions to Ask About anorexic/bulimic Lifestyles

  • Do you think it fair that anorexic/bulimic lifestyles attempt to devastate and destroy the best women of our generation?
  • What supports are there in popular culture that feed a ‘not-measuring-up-to’ anorexic/bulimic lifestyle?
  • How does the culture of ‘thinner is better’ sway people’s thoughts away from other unnoticed qualities in themselves?
  • Is the violence that anorexia/bulimia perpetuates on a woman’s body similar or different to male violence against women?
  • What is it our society promotes that leaves most women with a distorted sense of their own bodies?
  • What effect does being a slave to the idea of perfection have on the problem of anorexia/bulimia overtaking a person?
  • Do you think there are factors in a person’s life beyond their control that makes anorexia/bulimia look like an attractive option?

Questions to Ask Yourself if You Are Going Free of the Problem of anorexia/bulimia

  • At which time of the day are you most anorexic/bulimic free?
  • How were you able to find this freedom?
  • What does it feel like when you realize that other people are enjoying your own mind/personality instead of them only experiencing the mind/personality the anorexic/bulimic life once gave you?
  • When you string together your victorious moments away from anorexia/bulimia, what effect does it have on the anorexia/bulimia?
  • What rules of anorexia/bulimia did you eventually have to break in order get your life back?
  • Who in your life is the least surprised by your leaving anorexia/bulimia behind?

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