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Dear Colleague,
On behalf of I would like to welcome your submission to present an on-line Continuing Education workshop. Once reviewed and accepted, our desire is to position your work at the forefront of our global therapeutic learning community. was designed to expand the current model of therapeutic learning. The site offers professional participants easy access to a wide range of therapeutic ideas. The site amplifies the number of participants who come into contact with the therapeutic ideas we respect. A mutual link from to your own site is offered to all workshop presenters—free of charge. is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer Continuing Education Units. As you are well aware, APA CEU approval is very well respected and is accepted by most professional therapeutic organizations. offers audio streamed CEU workshops to professionals in psychology, family therapy, psychiatry, pastoral counseling, social work etc. Your workshop may vary in length from one to six hours, with the average length being two hours.

Recent statistics show that as of December 31, 2002, was being viewed by over 16,000 individuals each month. There is a potential learning arena of 500,000 licensed mental health professionals in the United States and Canada in need of CE’s. In addition, there are three times this number of unlicensed professionals and students as well as thousands of interested therapists in Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and beyond.

Workshop Presenter Outline

Our intent is to make your CE workshop task fairly simple and easy. Here’s how. As a teacher, trainer and presenter you already have workshop outlines and handouts prepared from past presentations. I am asking that you read and discuss your already prepared notes into a quality recording digital tape deck. If you would prefer that I interview you for part of the workshop—this can be easily arranged.
As a Workshop Presenter you will need to provide:

  1. 1. A workshop in audio or digital cassette format of 1.5 – 6 hours in length. The recording needs to be high quality audio (a digital recording is best), and produced by using an external mike. Workshops of 4 hours or longer may be done as separate, two-part workshops. Please specify the length with us first.
    instructions: Read your workshop into a digital tape recorder, or tape a high quality workshop you are giving. As you move through your presentation we ask that you give the reader instructions regarding when to refer to particular handouts. These handouts will be available on-line in your presentation section. For example: “The five principles of mediation can be viewed in the handout labeled Handout #3.”
    Please note: You may, as some presenters have already done, send us an old workshop tape providing the audio is clear.
  2. A written summary (maximum of 50 words) describing the workshop.
    instructions: Similar to any workshop description you have presented in the past.
  3. A list of three to four objectives/goals of the workshop (what will be covered).
    instructions: Similar to the needs of any APA CEU approved workshop.
  4. Handouts sent to us in disk format (text, slides, overheads, etc. with written copyright clearance).
    instructions: One page handouts, etc. outlining the points you make in the workshop as you would in a face-to-face workshop. Label handouts and slides, etc. numerically in the order they will appear and be referenced in your presentation.
  5. A Post-test including 20 TRUE or FALSE questions.
    instructions: Questions pertain directly to your audio taped presentation and answers are found in the handout content.
  6. A current curriculum vita plus a 50 word biographical statement. A digital picture of yourself would be appreciated.
    instructions: Similar to any workshop vita and bio you have presented in the past. Send recent photo to be put up on site.

Presenter Fee

In return for your audio Ce workshop you will be given a one year professional membership to The professional membership you will receive offers you the following:

  • Free access to all CE credits for one year
  • Free access to all of the fee for service professional material listed on planet-therapy
  • Free access to our members only features and interviews section
  • A mutual link from to your own site is offered to all workshop presenters—free of charge.


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