Understanding the Problem

Understanding the Problem

As everyone knows, having children can bring about changes in a person’s identity, lifestyle, relationship, and career that seems cataclysmic. While everyone has some advice for “how to be a good parent” there are only a few publications written specifically for new parents, particularly younger couples.

There is little recognition that a variety of unforeseen problems can occur as parents adjust to this new beginning. In fact, when you tell people you are the parent of a newborn – or a one-year-old, or even a three-year-old – a common response is a nostalgic smile and a request to see pictures.

Society promotes the idea that new parents should be experiencing a wonderful and blissful time – all the time – making difficulties that do arise with new parenting invisible. The overall message seems to be: “only problem parents have problems with parenting,” which of course keeps parents from talking about, and connecting with universal fears, stress, and worries.

The Curse of Perfect Parenting

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