Questions for Parents

  • If you can keep the culture’s idealized image of parenthood out of the picture, what is most important to each of you in raising your child?
  • What do you or could you and your partner each contribute to what is important to you?
  • What do you know about yourself and your partner that makes you confident that this could happen or could continue to happen?
  • What do you hope to protect and nurture in your own relationship?
  • How have you been able to do that or how can you imagine doing that?
  • What have you appreciated already in your partner’s parenting that you might not have predicted?

Questions for Grandparents

  • What do you most hope for in your relationship with your grandchild?
  • What has happened so far that contributes to that?
  • In establishing this relationship what have been the effects on your relationship with your child and his or her partner (if they have one)? Is that what you intended?
  • How might you get what you want with both your children and grandchildren?
  • What do you appreciate in your child as a parent? Does he or she know that?

Questions for Young Parents

  • What does being a parent at this particular time in your life offer that might not be available at other times?
  • If you keep the knowledge of this advantage in your awareness, how will that make a difference?
  • If you think about your whole life, are there important things that you are putting on hold? How can you keep dreams and plans of those things alive for your future?
  • Who supports and finds joy in your parenting at this time in your life? Does it make a difference to spend more time with them?

Questions for Single Adult Parents

  • If you think about yourself as a sole parent rather than a single parent what comes to light that you can appreciate about yourself?
  • What are the advantages of sole parenting?
  • What keeps these advantages hidden?
  • How is your family part of a larger community?
  • What does this connection contribute to your child?
  • What have you done to make this possible?

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