Living with the problem

What does this problem encourage/take away from people’s lives?
What kind of living conditions, rules, rituals etc. are involved with this lifestyle?

People who have been struggling for a long time binge eating report that buying food ahead of time and planning the exact time of the binge is part of their everyday routine. For these people, the binge has taken over all hope that they may have of ever being free of the problem.

Most people report that they find it very difficult to stop the binge once they have started. Many describe the binge as if “being in a trance state” or under “ a hypnotic spell.” Others have stated that they feel like they are in a place of “suspended animation.”

For almost all people the binge-eating ritual is cloaked in secrecy. Most go to great lengths to keep their binge-eating hidden. However, since food is ever present, a person can often hide the fact that they are engaged with this problem.

People who live alone have less difficulty hiding the intimate particularities of their binge eating. The strategies that protect their secret problem involve shopping for food at different grocery stores, visiting a cycle of fast food restaurants, getting rid of their garbage bags on a regular basis, not overstocking the fridge and cupboards with binge foods items, and not over talking about the subject of food. These and other tactics allow the person to not draw att

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