Questions about Illness

  • What do you do already that contributes to your feeling healthy and not sick?
  • Of the activities you enjoy doing, which can you continue to do despite your illness and disability?
  • Who do you know who is supportive of you no matter how you feel physically or emotionally?
  • What do you do that contributes to that person’s wanting to support you?
  • How might you link up with others who are experiencing similar medical problems?
  • What have you learned already about your condition that makes you more of an expert on yourself today than you were in the beginning?
  • Who might benefit from understanding what you know about yourself and your condition?
  • How can you form a relationship to your illness or disability so that you and your illness are allies, not enemies?
  • Who can you ask to be on your team to be sure that illness or disability do not take up more of your life than absolutely necessary?

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