Helping Grandparents Care for the Children of Incarcerated Parents

Grandparent Child CareOnly a few stages in life can match the difficulties associated with raising children. As a parent, you must keep watch over the child’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You must also learn to take notice of antisocial behavior and self-destructive life choices. When you are a grandparent and the parenting issues involve the adolescent offspring of imprisoned parents, the complications accumulate like a Los Angeles brush fire.

According to a report from the Oregon Social Learning Center, youth with an antisocial parent or parents are three to six times more likely to engage in dangerous antisocial activities. Furthermore, these behavior patterns typically lead to criminal behavior at young ages with a high risk of additional problems such as:

  • Academic complications
  • Early-life sexual encounters
  • Substance abuse
  • Abrasive peer behavior
  • Complicated work habits
  • Marriage issues
  • Parenting complications
  • More.

Current predictions suggest that the adolescent children of incarcerated parents will be involved in a critical criminal situation by age 15 to 25. In many cases, incarceration of the child will follow.

Coping as a Grandparent

In many events, grandparents bear the burden of rearing the young children of incarcerated mothers. This presents many complications, including:

  • Financial expenses
  • Matters of control and respect
  • Issues concerning parent-child relationships
  • Parental visitations
  • Child welfare
  • Emotional and social issues
  • Governmental interventions
  • More.

When a child goes through the family transition of parent to grandparent, certain resentments tend to follow. Without proper guidance, the grandparent can be overwhelmed by the renewed responsibilities of full-time parenting. Whether the child reacts violently, sullenly or seemingly without concern, the shift in family relationships stands out like a casket the parlor. Even if never discussed in the open, everyone knows that things are now different.

Current studies have confirmed the links between father/mother criminality and the antisocial behavior of the adolescent offspring. Even now, lawmakers are working to improve the justice system. But the effects are yet in the future. Right now, every grandparent burdened to rear the child of an incarcerated child faces great challenges, many heartaches and perhaps a long battle with their own sense of well-being and sanity.

Planet therapy provides parenting support and workshops for grandparents as well as parents. Your task is difficult and the future of your grandchild may hang in the balance. Seek help today.


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