Feminist Therapy Workshop Bundle

This bundle is comprised of three workshops [5 APA CE credits

1. Discourses in the mirrored room: A Postmodern Critique of Therapy

An exquisitely crafted workshop by one of the field’s preeminent postmodern feminist thinkers. The workshop takes you through a closeup view of Rachel Hare-Mustin’s approach to therapy, provides a critique of the dominant trends of psychological practice, addresses gender inequality within the therapy room, and offers insight in ways that we might change our practice.
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2. Integrating Feminist and Narrative ideas in Psychotherapy

Dr. Judith Myers Avis offers a brilliant discussion on the importance of considering gender within the process of therapy. She brings together ideas and practices from feminist and narrative therapy as a platform to discuss diverse issues.
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3. The Therapist and Therapeutic Change: Survivors of abuse and the moral courage needed for therapists to evoke change

Johnella Bird passionately discusses the act of moral courage a therapist must take to be open to and hopeful for when addressing clients who have been abused.
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Taken individually, the combined cost of these workshops is $65.00. Take our intensive Feminist Approaches to Therapy Program and it will cost only $49.

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