Do’s and Dont’s around Depression


(What you should do being depressed)

  • Notice aspects of yourself worth honoring and celebrating.
  • Remember — not all of who you are as a person is depressed.
  • Recognize the internal negative voice of depression and name it as “depression”.
  • Stay socially connected in some way to other people. Talk with others about the depression, in moderation.
  • Get yourself out of the house for at least one hour every day.
  • Exercise, eat well, and develop a regular sleep schedule.
  • Limit yourself from telling a negative story to three times a day.
  • Read — preferably novels of triumph, good fortune, and positive outcomes.
  • Do something interesting to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.
  • Meditate to quiet your mind and relax your body.
  • Get a massage — treat yourself to one or ask a friend to give you one.
  • Stay creative — take a night school course, paint, garden, visit a museum.
  • Keep your living quarters clean.
  • Seek out counseling with a therapist who is committed to moving you forward as quickly as possible.


(What you shouldn’t do being depressed)

  • Don’t become immobilized by this experience — get active in some way.
  • Don’t let depression keep you silenced.
  • Don’t let the depression isolate you.
  • Don’t incessantly talk to yourself and others about the depression.
  • Don’t overindulge in anything.
  • Don’t take other people’s medication.
  • Don’t let “worst-case scenario” thinking take over.
  • Don’t believe that you know what others are thinking about you; you are not a mind-reader.

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