Combatting Fear

Fear is often very involved in keeping anorexia/bulimia alive. believes questioning the effects fear has in a person’s life is very helpful. We talk about fear’s negative effects by exploring them through the talk of gender training, educational training, “proper manners” training, friendship training, corporate/work training, class training, race training, religious training, homophobic training, body training, racist training etc. Each relevant talk and effect can be carefully mapped out. Different kinds of talk are forever linking up with one another and it is within this dialogue that we can begin to “connect the dots” and bring forth fear’s claims “into the open.”
Listed below are some issues and sample questions to consider when taking on the issue of fear-of-not-being-worthy in the person’s life:

  • How were you able to push back the anorexic/bulimic fear, when fear had you boxed into such a tight corner?
  • What are some of the specific techniques you used to rid yourself of the panic that fear brought?
  • What does it feel like to know that slowly but surely you are now controlling your fears?
  • When you have those times that you are free of fear, how does your world look different?
  • Do you think that there are times when you are free of fear and you don’t recognise it? If so do you think you are even more free of fear than you think?
  • Do you think this fear is an imperfect fear?
  • Could you give me an idea of what ideas/experiences support this idea of your self as a less than worthy person?
  • What systems of knowledge support this view of what is said to be “normal”?
  • Have there been persons in your life that have in some way helped this less than worthy view of yourself along?
  • How strong are these persons past views of you influencing you in todays version of yourself?
  • What institutional structures support this view of what is normal?
  • Do you think that there any larger institutional values (in our culture) that you have been influenced by that in some way encourage a less than worthy view of persons? What is your relationship to these values today?
  • What are the performed effects of this meaning?
    Are there ways that this view of yourself as a less than worthy person effects your relationships with other persons?

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