Brief Therapy Workshop Bundle

This bundle is comprised of three workshops [9 APA CE credits

1. The Heroic Client—Principles in Solution Focused Therapy

The workshop takes a thorough and close up look at the research and outcome studies analysing the use of medication and the utility of DSM diagnosis within the context of therapy and client change.
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2. Narrative Therapy

Stephen Madigan presents a variety of Narrative practices, including externalizing, deconstructing, and re-authoring. Applications to problems of depression and anxiety.
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3. A Self-Relations Approach

Steve Gilligan describes methods and techniques for transforming a problem complaint into a solution outcome, in ways that clients learn to recognize the “non-rational” and unexpected events in their lives as gifts to be opened and enjoyed.
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Taken individually, the combined cost of these workshops is $100 US, but our our intensive Brief Therapy Program costs only $69 US.

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