One Solution to Excessive Alcohol Use

Sometimes alcohol misuse becomes so much a part of one’s life that people can experience it as a “lifestyle.” In the following “certificate of celebration,” a 40-year-old woman, the single (sole) parent of two children, celebrates her desire to leave behind a lifestyle of alcohol misuse. Together with her therapist, she created this reminder of her intention to perform a new lifestyle of courage:

To Remember, Honor, and Celebrate Successful Methods
I Can Use to Stand Against a Substance Misusing Lifestyle

  • First, I can remember what an alcoholic lifestyle robs from me, because during and after I get captured I feel:
    • I’ve been licked
    • Emptiness, Yukiness, Disappointment
    • Energy-less
    • I can’t (don’t) experience life
    • My life is full of emptiness
    • I can’t (don’t) joke with co-workers
    • I miss out on too much of life
    • Misuse doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do anymore
    • I do and say things against my better judgment


  • Then I can remember, honor, and celebrate the courageous steps I took to kick substance misuse out of my life in the past:
    • My stories of Independence and Persistence
    • I went to lots of meetings
    • I gave up old friends who supported misuse
    • I moved away from old places
    • I surrounded myself with new people who supported me
    • I took steps and lived each day
    • I stayed busy and had fun
    • I asked for help and got support

[Anti-Alcoholic Lifestyle League]

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