Questions to Ask about Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Beginning Questions Parents Can Ask Their Children

The following are examples of questions parents (and concerned others) can ask young persons regarding substance misuse:

  • Can we talk about some of the negative effects that substance misuse has started having in your life?
  • Do you think that a substance-misusing lifestyle is working for you or against you, at this point in your life?
  • Have you seen negative effects from substance use at school, work, and/or home?
  • Has substance misuse started to interfere with any of the dreams you have had for your life?
  • What intentions for your future do drugs have in mind for you?
  • What intentions for your own future do you have, at this time?
  • How much have drugs taken away of what you like about your self?
  • How much could they take?

Parent’s Questions That Support Children

  • What actions have you taken recently to reclaim your health/relationships/mind from the influence of substances?
  • Who else has started to notice this difference, and is now standing with you in this struggle?
  • What gave you the idea that you could begin to protest the domination of your life by substances?
  • With the courage and commitment you are now showing to practice moderation, or to be drug-free, who in your life is the most surprised? Who is the least surprised?

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