Possibilities for Change

Here are some things to remember:

  • Substance misuse and abuse is a complex and emotional concern for everyone involved.
  • This dilemma has no simple or easy solutions.
  • Your child did not invent the substance misuse and abuse.
  • Factors pushed her or him toward this lifestyle.
  • The solutions you discover will be different and unique from everyone else’s. Keep trying.
  • Don’t let fear dictate your actions, or inactions. You have nothing to lose, and you have a connection with your child to gain.
  • Don’t keep the problem a secret.
  • Get help from a counselor that sees the strengths your child had prior to the substance misuse.
  • Let the school and/or work authorities know about the problem and ask for their understanding and support.
  • Behind the bravado of the substance misuse, your child experiences a lot of pain, sadness, embarrassment, self-doubt and fear.
  • Remember who your child was before and who they might be again.
  • No matter what it takes, listen to your child and don’t be afraid of his or her pain.

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