Living with the Problem

Living with the problem of substance misuse can be an experience marked by humiliation, embarrassment, discomfort, and distress for everyone involved. Sometimes the experience can be tragic. Young people, especially, find that misusing substances can have horrible results. Listen to what a variety of young people have to say about what happened to their lives when drugs took hold:

  • Drugs separated me from my parents and from my friends.
  • Drugs robbed me of honesty.
  • Drugs affected my school work.
  • Drugs affected my health.
  • Drugs took away my interest in sports.
  • Drugs made me more and more confused.
  • Drugs made me think I was crazy.
  • Drugs made me think my life wasn’t worth living.
  • Drugs led to violence in my life.
  • Drugs led to prostitution and abuse.

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